With accumulated experience and expertise, Bexus dedicates to developing innovated hooks, fall protection

devices and accessories. Bexus has a team of specialized engineers, an accurate simulation software system

and a number of precision machinery to meet customers need.


In the past few years, Bexus has obtained over 40 patents around the world.

Bexus knows how innovative ideas can spark wave upon wave of new products and services.

Therefore we insist to concentrate on the Fall Protection Sector and constantly invest R&D and people.

To install a series of special products of Bexus in your equipment, the more competitive you have.

Our duty is to bring the workers at height home safely. We focus on every detail innovation, design,

manufacturing, providing high-end safety, lightweight accessories and equipment with strictest quality

control and carrying out accurate materials in exact parts with individually strength or hardness test

process. We continuously devote to research and upgrade our techniques for keeping our safety


Bexus has earned a good reputation for providing stable and dependable
products in the market.

We concern each worker's security with excellent quality, reliability and safety. Each step of quality

control, quality assurance and diligent testing of all our products has been taken care of. With Bexus

products, you can sleep well every single night.



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